EMASEL Moda e Confecção, Lda., located in Barcelos (Portugal) and created in 1977, is a company in the fashion sector in the segment of circular knit garments.


Positioning itself as a vertical supplier of finished products, Emasel takes responsibility from raw materials, accessories and all production and logistics operations to the final product.

Agreements with other suppliers allow us, on the one hand, to cover all the specific needs and characteristics of the product and, on the other, to have the speed and capacity to respond to market demands.

Internally, EMASEL is organized into weaving, pattern making and cutting, clothing, quality control, packaging and distribution departments.

Currently and on a regular basis we work with divisions of Men, Women and Children, with a variety of materials and items such as T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, underwear or swimwear collections of different European brands.

EMASEL coordinates different proposals in terms of sections and product range, highlighting models with high-quantity productions and competitive quality / price for clients such as the Inditex group, but also with high-quality products and collections from different European brands.


EMASEL is a company interested in maintaining a commitment to sustainability in all its activities related to aspects of quality, environment, health and safety at work and social responsibility.


EMASEL complies with the most demanding criteria of Social Responsibility and the standards and specifications of its clients in environmental and chemical control.
It is also certified for the production of articles in organic cotton and BCI cotton.


Rua Margarida Quintas nº 39.
Arcozelo 4750 – 147

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